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Luscious, Green Foliage Plants

Bring an assortment of potential customers to your business establishment with some beautiful foliage plants from Rainbow Tropicals. Throughout the San Diego, California, area, we sell places to retail establishments such as Home Depot™ and local military commissaries. Our wholesale plants are desirable for many homeowners and gardeners, allowing plenty of interested buyers ready to shop at your establishment.

The Perfect Decorations

All of our plants have contact information, along with detailed care and feeding instructions, so your customers know how to take care of their new purchases. There are a variety of gorgeous plants to choose from, such as scheffleras, umbrella trees, china dolls, and radermachera sinicas. These are perfect house plant for anyone who is looking to enhance the overall appearance of their property. Each plant comes in a decorative container, which catches the eye of any customer interested in your goods.

Ready-for-Home Plants

Impressing customers in your establishment has never been easier when you have a selection of luscious and healthy-looking plants. Our foliage plants are house-ready and grown with expert care, so your customers get a quality product. When you need a new houseplant to offer in your store, these will more than do the trick.